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Friday, June 21, 2024





The top rocker has our club name (Protectors).



The cube with LE in it means law enforcement.

The cube with MC in it means motorcycle club.

The bottom rocker is a state rocker, or has nomad as a non-territorial club or the word national if he is an officer in the national board.

The Shield in the center of the cross represents protection. The Shield was used by the Knights during battles for defense and protection.

The badge inside the Shield is to honor every Law enforcement officer and public safety personnel.

The crossed pistols represent the tools of the trade for lawmen.
The "Thin Blue Line" law enforcement stand as a thin line that protects society from good and evil, chaos and order.

The color red represents the bloodshed by all law enforcement officers, servicemen, and public safety personnel.

The color black represent the mourning for our fallen law enforcement officers, servicemen, and public safety personnel.

The cross we use is cross pattee-alisee, a variation of the Maltese cross because it is identified as a symbol of an order of Christian warriors during the crusades in the early years, and in the present time this same cross it is presented to law enforcement officers, servicemen, and public safety personnel as medals and awards for valor, heroic acts, life savings, and other prestigious achievements.

The four legs of the cross mean honor, valor, strength, and standing up for what you believe. We also adapted the eight points of the Maltese cross which is said to symbolize the eight points of courage: loyalty, piety, generosity, bravery, glory and honor, contempt of death, helpfulness towards the poor and the sick, and respect for the church (religion).