Providing outdoor activity for fallen officer's kids and officers seriously injured in the line of duty.


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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The Protectors wish to extend the law enforcement community and supporters membership within the Protectors LE Motorcycle Club. We offer this opportunity to participate within our chapters clubhouses and events so we may better learn who you are and why you wish to participate. We welcome you to browse our website to better understand who we are and what we require. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.The Protectors LE Motorcycle Club was formed in January, 2009 in Arlington, Texas. Brotherhood, friendship and community contribution were considered the cornerstones for the club. We also participate in missions of spreading good will and actively follow our charitable considerations. The Protectors LE Motorcycle Club is a non-territorial club consisting of members from law enforcement and its supporters. Participation within the Protectors LE Motorcycle Club is considered a privilege, and due to this, members are required to remain lawful, participatory and contributory. Protectors are non-territorial. We are bikers who have united together in a brotherhood for good times and good riding. We are not 1% 'ers and do not associate with them. We recognize all other clubs but remain completely neutral and support only ourselves, our brothers and our charities. We will not tolerate any activities that might discredit our name or colors. We respect all, fear none






We welcome all inquiries about membership. Brotherhood is earned, not given for free. All traditional requirements apply including "hang around" time and prospecting. This gives you a chance to see if we are right for you and you are right for us. If you love riding, believe in basic core values and enjoy a strong brotherhood then you have found a club home. Come meet us and then decide.
If you have questions regarding possible membership within the Protectors or want to start a new chapter, please go to the contact page and fill out our contact form. If you are already a member of a club, please go to our guestbook page and give us a shout. We hope that you enjoy our website and welcome you to ride with us. We hope you ride often, ride safe and we in the Protectors LE Motorcycle Club look forward to seeing you out on the road.






Thanks for your time,
National President
Protectors LE Motorcycle Club

May 2020

Welcome our newest chapter from N. Louisiana

October  2019

Welcome to our newest chapter out of Holland

November  2018

Welcome to our newest chapter out of Northern Italy

Benvenuti nel nostro ultimo capitolo fuori dal Nord Italia

August  2018

Welcome to our newest chapter out of Texas

July  2018 

Welcome to our newest chapter out of New York

December 2016

Welcome to our newest chapter out of Tennessee


November 2016

Welcome to our newest chapter out of Iowa


October 2015

Welcome to our newest and first International chapter, Italy


June 2015

Welcome to our newest chapters, Grand Prairie, Ft. Worth, and Galveston, Texas

November 2014
Welcome to our newest chapter, Chicago Illinois


April 26, 2014
Texas Association of First Responders Charity Cook off. Protectors will have two teams at the event.
January 2014
Welcome to our newest chapter, Upstate, New York
December  2013
Welcome to our newest chapter,  Houston, Texas
November 2013
Welcome to our newest chapter, Snake River, Idaho
August  2013
Welcome to our newest chapter,  New Jersey 

January  2013
Welcome to our newest chapter,  St. Louis, Missouri
November 2011
Welcome to our newest chapter, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 2010
Welcome our newest chapter, Houston Texas. As of January 2011 Houston is now the Montgomery County, Texas Chapter.
May 2010

Welcome to our newest chapter, Arkansas Nomad Chapter.

March 2010
Welcome to our newest chapter, Tennessee Nomad Chapter.
February 2010
Welcome to our newest chapters, Dallas Texas, Waco Texas and Eastern Ohio.
January 2010
New Website is complete.
December 2009 established as new home for Protectors LE Motorcycle Club. This site is a Content Management System that will allow the Protectors club management to grow with the organization.
March - November 2009
Spreading the word about our new organization.
January 2009
Protectors LEMC established as new club.

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