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Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Terry Cason 11/25/2019 Kieth I enjoyed chatting with you online today.
Stay Safe my Friend

Mark Danko 7/31/2018 Just wanted to say hello to all my new brothers great to be part of your Brotherhood.

Tn Scougt 3/6/2017 So glad to be a part of the brotherhood and their values they are based on

Pete "Ace" Rose 2/5/2016 I am a member of the Treasure Coast, Florida chapter of the Defenders LE/MC. I don't see any chapters from your club close to us but it is always good to see what appears to be a "True law enforcement club" out there besides just ours. A lot of clubs talk the talk but many can't walk the walk! Kudos to you Brothers in Arms and ride safe!!!

Josh Meyer 7/31/2015 I appreciate what you guys do and what you stand for. Been wanting to join since one of my best buds, Stephen Evans, helped start the Wichita Chapter. However do not have a motorcycle as of yet. But again, I appreciate all you do. Keep up the good work.


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